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Book Cover Design - The Pain of Reality

The pain of reality. This very simple yet soul captivating book cover design. It is also one of my favorites. Thank you for the note, Miss.  Thankyou so much for creating my book cover, I'll use this one for my first story in wattpad I'll really love and appreciate your efforts. I will give you credit when I changed the book cover. I want to recommend you to my co-Authors in Wattpad. Again Thank you so much Mam Maribel Zamora for this beautiful and wonderful book cover 😍 -MissCrazy

Zellner Book Cover Design

A book cover design for Deasia N.L Zellner, a published author of "Poetic Insights Through the Journey of Life", "Deep Thoughts", Addicted, which are poetry books, including a memoir, "I am a Sexual Assault Survivor". With her creative mind and unique imagination, she was able to write her first novel, "He loves me, he loves me not". She awesomely believed that writing is the way! I so love this author. I'm glad I met you DeAsia. Book cover designing is fun especially when you, the graphic artist and the author blend ideas together.